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The journalist Kamran Mahmudov detained on the Azerbaijani-Georgian border today was released from the Gazakh district police department at about 12:15. He himself told Turan about that.

He said he was traveling to Georgia with his friend, lawyer Javid Rzazadeh. At the border control, while checking his passport, he was stopped and handed over to the shift supervisor. It was at about 4:37. The man said there was an order to transfer Mahmudov to the police

At about 5:00 the journalist was brought to the Gazakh district police department and only after some time it was reported that there was an order from the Interior Ministry on April 27, 2017 about his “detention.” However, the reason for the detention was not clarified.

“Much remained unclear to me. I do not know what caused the order of detention. But in our country, taking into account the government”s “attention”, journalists can expect anything,” Mahmudov said.

As for the treatment of the journalist in the police, Mahmudov said that by a fluke, he was accompanied by a lawyer, Rzazadeh. However, the police did not let him in and during the personal inspection he did not participate. Nevertheless, his presence was important.

The journalist said he had been returned all the seized items, money and the documents. The journalist intends to apply to the court to find out the reasons for the ban on leaving the country. -06D-

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2017 June 22 (Thursday) 10:53:14

Journalist Detained at Exit to Georgia

062200002518 The journalist Kamran Mahmudov was detained this morning by the border service on the Azerbaijani-Georgian border. Turan was informed by the lawyer Javid Rzazadeh. According to him, the journalist was told that the police had put him on the wanted list.

“Then the police arrived at the frontier post and took Mahmudov to the Gazakh police department. I also went there, but they did not let me into the police department. I have been waiting in the street before the administration for two hours,” the lawyer said over the phone.

In turn, the Gazakh police officer on duty told a Turan correspondent that Mahmudov was detained by the Border Guard Service. “Therefore, now we are waiting for information from them concerning the ban on his departure,” the duty officer said.

Thus, the versions of the Border Guard Service and the police contradict each other.

Recall that Kamran Mahmudov cooperated with Radio Azadlig, Internet TV Channel 13 and Toplum TV.

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