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062200002535Today the Baku Court of Appeal upheld the verdict against ex-health minister Ali Insanov about his imprisonment for seven years. Insanov was arrested in October 2005 on charges of attempted coup. Subsequently, he was sentenced to 11 years of imprisonment for economic crimes.

In October 2016, 56 days before the expiry of the term of imprisonment, new charges were filed against him on storage of drugs and resistance to the representative of power. On October 11, 2016, the Garadagh district court announced his arrest for seven years.

On March 14, 2013, the European Court ruled on the unfair condemnation of Ali Insanov; the Azerbaijani authorities did not change the verdict, but, on the contrary, they condemned again. Insanov himself refused to participate in today’s trial and asked to consider his complaint with a second trial.

“We petitioned for the examination of fingerprints on a glass bottle, in which Insanov allegedly stored psychotropic drugs. Also, an examination of the torn protocol was not carried out, as Insanov asserts, because fingerprints should remain on paper. Also, there was no chemical examination of Insanov’s blood for psychotropic drugs,” said lawyer Agaveis Shahverdiyev.

He also pointed out that in the court of first instance witness Anar Takhmazov was interrogated, who stated that he had not seen this bottle from Insanov. But in the verdict his words were distorted. To clarify these contradictions, one must summon Takhmazov to court,” said the lawyer.

He noted that in the room where Insanov’s things were stored, an inspection was conducted, witnesses were invited. However, he himself, who was only 50 meters away, was not invited.

The lawyer also objected to the severity of the verdict. “This man is a member of four academies.

He is the only scientist who invented medicine in Azerbaijan. Even if he committed a crime, why is he punished so severely?”, said the lawyer. He asked the court to acquit Insanov. However, the court upheld the verdict.

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