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060200002023Afgan Mukhtarly was kidnapped in the Chonkadze Street after he left the fixed-route taxi. Information about this was spread by the wife of Azerbaijani journalist Leyla Mustafayeva. According to her information, two people speaking the Georgian attacked the Afghan. The lawyer of the family demands to remove the recordings of the video cameras installed along Chonkadze Street, and he has already applied to the investigative bodies in this regard, Georgia online reports.

“We learned from the Afghan”s lawyer that his kidnappers spoke Georgian, and only after they changed the car, they gave it to the people speaking the Azerbaijani language.” We studied the possible route by which he returned home. You can find out the details of what happened, but the Georgian authorities are trying to hide it, as if they have nothing to do with it, since they have an agreement with the Azerbaijani government.

Afgan was kidnapped from Georgia, and responsibility lies with Georgian law enforcement agencies.

In parallel, we will also conduct our journalistic investigation,” Leyla Mustafayeva said.

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