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Turkel-kerimliThe closer the Presidential Elections comes, the more the number of arrests increases. Chairman of Azerbaijani Popular Front Party (APFP) Ali Karimli’s son was arrested on September 23. Turkel Karim, the son of the APFP chairman was detained while having a walk in the city with his two friends following the meeting of the National Council on the 22nd September. They were taken to the police department 22 without any explanation and kept there all the night. Turkel Karimli and his friends were not told the reason why they were detained at the police department. The oral claims given as a reason for their detention were changed frequently. Probably after some consultations, the Ministry of Internal Affairs spread official information about the detention of the young people on the 23rd September. Later, they were a tried in Nasimi district court and Turkel Karimli was sentenced to administrative detention of 25, while his friends 30 days.

The APFP declare that the official claims raised against Turkel Karimli and his friends are groundless, their detention is preconceived and politically motivated. Undoubtedly, Turkel Karimli’s friends were arrested because of him. His detention is aimed at exerting pressure over the party, the entire party and personally Ali Karimli. Doing this, the government intended to take revenge from the National Council, one of the main forces of which is the APFP.

It should be pointed out that hundreds of the APFP members have faced such arrests by now and the headquarters of the party was taken away. The faked criminal charge filed against party chairman Ali Karimli 19 years ago is still kept open and he has not been provided ID passport for 7 years. A.Karimli’s brother-in-law has been being kept at the detention facility of the MNI, his closest relatives have lived the life of a prisoner, and Karimov himself and his wife have been kept under pressure.

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