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img1493712Employee of the “Bizim yol” newspaper and director of the website Parviz Hashimli who is a journalist and human rights defender was detained. Employees of the Ministry of National Intelligence conducted investigation in the editorial office of the newspaper where the journalist works, the office of the website and his apartment. Parviz Hashimli’s family was harassed during the investigation in his apartment. The camera was taken from the employee of the Radio Liberty who wanted to take the records of the event. Human rights defenders – Emin Huseynov, Rasul Jafarov and Khalid Kazimova were harassed by persons in civilian clothes who refused to introduce themselves. Computers, necessary papers of the office, materials used by the journalists and other equipments were protocoled and taken away from the office of the website. A criminal law was filed against P.Hashimli with the provision 206.3.2 and 228.2.1 of the Criminal Code (smuggling and obtaining illegal weapons). During the press conference held by Parviz Hashimli’s father Kamran Hashimov, he claimed that MNI employees slandered and arrested his son: “Parviz was persuaded to leave the office while he was working. Then, they put a weapon into his car and detained him. That night, masked and armed men assaulted Parviz’s apartment where his wife and a 5 year-old child live. I call them gangsters. The masked broke and turned off the security cameras equipped to the courtyard of the house. They entered the house from the window as the door was closed. None of the weapons put into the apartment do not belong to my son. My son is not a terrorist. I demand the security of my son from Minister of National Intelligence Eldar Mahmudov”.

Parviz Hashimli’s wife Ilaha Hashimli told the details of the investigation conducted by the MNI employee on the day the event took place. I.Hashimli stressed that Ilgar Aliyev, the employee of the MNI, offered her husband cooperation with them: “Parviz told me that MNI employee Ilgar offered him to work for them. However, Parviz did not accept the offer”.

Advocate Elchin Sadigov noted that serious violations of law were committed during the arrest of P.Hashimli: “Parviz Hashimli was subject to harassment when being arrested. They put a bag over his head. The investigations were conducted in his car and apartment without witnesses and cameras. We will file a claim regarding the case”.

Speaking about the meeting with P.Hashimli advocate E.Sadigov noted that he was asked to give an explanation about Ali Karimli: “We had a short talk with Parviz Hashimli during the court. He was, first of all, asked to testify against Ali Karimli. As the talk was too short, I could not get any further information”.

Director of the Regional Human Rights and Media Center Khalid Kazimov told that bringing journalist and human rights defender Parviz Hashimli before the court with a bag over his head is a violation of law: “I think that it should be accepted as moral harassment and humiliation of his dignity. Such behavior against a journalist having great influence in the society is unacceptable regardless of what action he committed. There are concrete cases relating to hiding the face of an accused person in Azerbaijani law. Since Parviz Hashimli was well-known in the society, there was no need to hide his identity. Also, no one would make any attempt against Parviz Hashimli. In this case, the only purpose of such an action was to humiliate the dignity of the human rights defender and journalist. Azerbaijani law-enforcement bodies flagrantly violated the Article 3 of European Convention on the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms in their behavior against Parviz Hashimli.”

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