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Tural-AbbasliExciting news spreads about Tural Abbasli, a board member of the Musavat party and the leader of the party’s Youth Organization. Young leader’s mother Bashkhhanim Abbasli told in excitement and tears that her son is subject to tortures in the temporary detention facility: “Advocate Asabali Mustafayev had a visit with Tural. It turned clear that he had been kept in handcuffs for three days. His hands were handcuffed at the back. Tural was keeping fast when he was detained. He was not fed in the evening. Generally, Tural has been given only water since the day of detention, the new chief of the detention facility does not allow us – the defendant’s relatives to give food to him”. B. Abbasli says that her son suffers tortures in the detention facility and she cannot find any instance to tell her problem and ask for help.

Human rights defender Asabali Mustafayev also confirmed the fact. He told that first he could not receive permission to visit the defendant: “They made me wait for an hour, and then permitted to visit him. Tural Abbasli expressed serious concerns related with the detention conditions. He claimed that clean bedding and bath sets are not provided, while meals are given in dirty and common dishes. They are allowed to take a walk too seldom. The detained are fed irregularly and breakfast is not provided at all. The quality of food is very bad. The facility chief overtly expressed his preconceived attitude against Tural Abbasli. The chief substantiates his prejudiced attitude with Tural’s oppositionist views. At the same time, Tural has been detained his hands handcuffed at the back for two days and to the heating system for a day. Illegal cases taking place at the detention facility are related with the political activities of Tural Abbasli, as the facility chief often mentions. According to Tural’s words, he wanted the instructions to be familiar with his rights and duties on the day he was taken to the detention facility. Instead, he was put in handcuffs”.

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