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Death number increases in Azerbaijani army because of tortures and violence. Economic inequality led to resentment among citizens in Azerbaijan. In addition to economic inequality, tension caused by neglect of management already reached its peak. Excessively richness of a small stratum and heavy situation of great majority of the population caused to the population a deadlock. Aggressive and swaggering behavior of this stratum became common in Azerbaijan. Fed up from all those acts, citizens held protests for 3 times during the first 23 day of 2013. It is the first protest to be held by people from various strata with such short intervals since Azerbaijan gained its independence.

It was initiated a protest with a slogan “STOP killing soldiers” by young activists in the Fountain Square of Baku on January 12. The action was attended mainly by youth. Parents who lost their children in the army joined the action demanding the guilty to be punished. People holding portraits of the soldiers killed and state flags in their hands demanded to finish soldier death in the army. It was mainly sounded slogans such as “Martyrs do not die, motherland is not separated”, “We do not want our soldiers to die and our army to become a morgue”, “STOP killing soldiers” and “Supreme Commander-in-Chief, answer to us” at the action. Police have used force against the protest attendees, including journalists and human rights defenders. Though the president of the Regional Human Rights and Media Center, correspondent of “Uch nogta” (Three dotes) newspaper Khalid Kazimov, president of the IRFS Emin Huseynov, employees of “Turan” agency and “Azadlig” (Liberty) newspaper were in journalist jackets, they also faced violence. 24 persons detained during the action were brought before court and they were fined 11 600 manat.


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