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Mass of the people protesting official arbitrariness and corruption are suppressed with police bullets and poison gases.According to Azerbaijani press, a hotel belonging to Minister of Labor and People’s Social Defense Fuzuli Alakbarov and his brother who is the executive power head of Ismayilli region was burnt by outraged local people.Ismayilli region is kept under the army control as a prisoner. More than 100 indigenous people were arrested and youth activists detained were subject to tortures. It was held a protest by the population in Ismayilli region on January 19. The incident in Ismayilli starter after “Chevrolet Camaro” that belong to Emil Shamsaddinov who is 22 years old and owner of the local hotel bumped a “Lada” car which was parked at the edge of the road. Drunken Shamsaddinov used slangs and abused persons around and a group of Ismayilli inhabitants initiated a severe reaction against his actions. “The dispute swelled out, up to 3000 people attacked Shamsaddinov’s “Chirag” hotel, burnt vehicles there, including “Camaro”, “Chevrolet Niva” and “Hummer”. After that the mob directed their rage against the son of executive power head of Ismayilli region. They attacked to his house burning a «Toyota Land Cruiser» car and two motorcycles, as well. Though security measures were strengthened in the city during the next two days, people thronged to streets again and demanded surrounding the building of the region’s executive power body the resignation of the head. During the protest it was used water jets, rubber bullets and tear gases against the population. Over 100 participants were detained. Youth activists detained were subject to tortures.

It would be better to point out that Azerbaijan was 139th among 176 countries at the corruption index of the “Transparency International” for 2012. And it will take place presidential elections in Azerbaijan in the October of this year. The government is trying to keep the population silent anyway on the eve of elections.




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