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Vidadi Isgandarly, chairman of Assistance for Development of Democracy Social Union put forward his candidacy from Goichay-Agdash constituency N: 89 to the parliamentary elections in 2012. As he was an independent candidate, made very severe speeches to the government criticizing corruption and bribery, also violations of human rights, criminal case was raised against him on the election day with false accusations, but they could not be proved and he was released. On April 02, 2011, when he was holding monitoring of the opposition meeting of Public Chamber as a human right defender, he was arrested with the accusation of resisting the police and was sentenced to 8 days imprisonment with the decision of Nasimi district court, and he was warned if he would hold the next monitoring, he would be arrested. At the next opposition meeting of Public Chamber on April 17, several hours before the start of the meeting, he was arrested by the police with the same accusation and sentenced again to 15 days imprisonment. On May 02, 2011, after his imprisonment ended, his previous criminal case dated November 2010 was restored again and criminal case was raised with the clauses 159.4.1, 160.2 and 132 of the criminal code. Finally he was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment with the decision of Goichay district court dated August 26, 2011. The international human rights organization recognized him as a prisoner of conscience, and claimed his immediate release, but he is still in prison. He has two children under care of his unemployed wife. After the arrest of Vidadi Isgandarly, his family’s conditions became much heavier.

The family of the prisoner of conscience, who addressed to us, now requesting financial assistance from international organizations.

You are kindly requested to contact with our organization or his family members to render support to the family.

 Democratic Institutions and Human Rights PU

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