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DSC01070Federal Government Commissioner for Human Rights Policy and Humanitarian IAD in Germany Markus Loning met the chairman Azerbaijan Committee against Torture Elchin Behbudov and the chairman of Democratic Institutions and Human Rights Social Union Elchin Abdullayev. Commissioner was interested in human rights and issues on torture   during the meeting. He noticed that he has worried about happening against the active guy Bakhtiyar Hajiyev who is in prison and Leyla Yunus at the meeting. Mr. Loaning notified his opinion on issues which happened because of the 2nd  April action.  It’s needed evaluate the participation of people in actions and demonstrations positively. “I apply to the government. People who participate in actions have to be released. Markus Loning who touched upon issues on torture in Azerbaijan at the meeting assuming his worries according to the information giving by Azerbaijan Committee against Torture said these opinions: we couldn’t feel easy when 89 people apply on issues of torture on the first 6 months in 2011. On the other hand if there were 4 death accidents which their reasons were unknown in 2004, but there are 6 death accidents which their reasons are unknown on previous 6 months in 2011 and it make me uneasy very much.”

According to his words the government always does its best for not being violation of human rights in Azerbaijan: “The main thing is that there will be the desire to do change within the country. For this it’s needed free choice and free court. ”

Mr. Markus Loning also applauded the activity of Azerbaijan Committee against Torture.

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