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Human Rights Defender Vidadi Isgenderli in Court Room

Human Rights Defender, Vidadi Isgenderli, who nominated his candidacy to Parliament elections for 7th November 2010, from 89 Ağdaş-Göyçay Election Area,  he was arrested for two months. He was charged Criminal code of 159.4.1th  (using force and threaten during the election, and making obstacles) and 160.2.1th  (Pressuring election commission using force and threaten, and making obstacles)
Araz Elekberov Claimed that Human Rights Defender Vidadi İsgenderli Beat him during the elections.

Court Case now is continued by Goycay Regional  Court. On the 12th August 2011, The Judge Elxan Suleymanov Anounced that Human Rights defender Vidadi İsgenderli is suffering from Diabetes disease so Judge let human Rights Defender to have check up by Doctors. Human Rights Defender believes that he was arrested because of his active human rights work and officials are much interested in his arrest. The next Court Case will be opened on the 17th August 2011in Goycay Regional Court.

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