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Seymur Haziyev, Reporter of «Azadlıq» newspaper and member of presidium of Azerbaijan Popular Front Party was taken away and tortured 26th march night, 2011. Seymur says that this incident exactly  happened 12:30 A.M,  26th march night on his way to home  to Ceyranbatan, the settlement of  Absheron district which is in the neighborhood of Baku city.  «It happened near to the bus station in the Ceranbatan Settlement. Six people wearing masks attacked to me and putted on my head bag. Then they started to beat me and tortured me. And they filmed how they were beating me and torturing. And they threatened me that I should behave quietly like other people do. Otherwise I would face up more horrible tragedies”, says Seymur Heziyev. Seymur needs to go to doctor check up to see what damages he had. Because masked people used blunt tool to beat him. Currently Seymur is not feeling good.

Note that Seymur always preferred to use criticism in his articles regarding the policy of the government.

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