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Elchin Behbudov,

 Address: Azerbaijan Republic, Baku city, Hasan Mejidov str., 9/33q
 Contact number: (office) (+994 12) 510-72-00q 
 (Cell) (+994 50) 375-52-67 

Educational background  Baku High Party School, Department of Political sciences 
 Institute of legal staff preparation attached to the Ministry of Justice
 Law Department of Moscow State University after E.Sialkovski 

Work experience 

 1981-1995 – Law-enforcement and special service bodies 
 1996-2001 – Mental hospital #1 of the Ministry of Health. Position: Staff manager and General legal consultant  
 2002 – Scholar of Ministry of National Security 
 2002 – Chairman of Azerbaijan Committee against Torture

Expert of OSCE office in Baku for places of detention 
 Member of World Committee against Tortures 

International event attendance  Attendee of international conference on “Human Rights and Torture” in OSCE office in Vienna; 
 Attendee of international conference in Bakuriani, Georgia organized by International Prison Reform Organization;
 Monitor appointed for places of detention and remand centers of police departments and Ministry of Justice, in London, in the line of OSCE 
 Attendee of 2nd Eastern European Conference in Lvov, Ukraine 
 Attendee of 43th session of UNO CAT in Geneve, Switzerland 


Author of “Torture and Truth”, 2005 
 “Is there torture cases in Azerbaijan Republic?”, 2005 
 “Torture-kind of punishment”, 2005
 “Monitoring of torture facts in judicial proceedings”, 2007 

  Human rights advocate of 2008 year 

Participation in projects 

 Director of the project titled “Human Rights training for police officers: Orders, Laws and Conventions” organized by Azerbaijan Committee against Torture with support of USA Embassy, in 2007;
 Director of the project titled “Monitoring of torture facts in judicial proceedings” organized by Azerbaijan Committee against Torture with support of British Embassy, 2007;q
 Director of the project titled “Investigation of torture facts in Azerbaijan and provision of direct legal assistance to torture victims and their family members”, with support of UNO Torture Foundation, 2008;
 Director of the project titled “Investigation of police officers – citizens relations in Azerbaijan and analysis of public discussions on development of common cooperation” with support of “Council of State Support to Non-Govermental Organizations attaching to the president of Azerbaijan”;
Director of the project titled “Monitoring of remand and detention centers” with support of OSCE office in Baku, in 2008;
 Director of the project “Reinforcement of institutuional development of Azerbaijan Committee against Tortures”with the support of OSI;
 Director of project titled “Center of Service to Tortute Victims” with the support of UNO foundation of voluntary assistance to torture victims, 2009;
 Director of project titld “Human Rights Monitoring” with the support of NED, 2009
 Director of the project “Monitoring of remand and detention centers” with support of OSCE ofice in Baku, in 2009;
 Director of project titled “Support to the activity plan for human rights protection” with the support of Council of State Support to Non-Governmental Organizations attaching to the president of Azerbaijan Republic, (training on human rights for police officers), 2009;
 Director of the project “Monitoring of municipal elections and assistance to those whose rights are violated” with the support of Norwegian Embassy in Azerbaijan; 
 General consultant of project titled “Monitoring of prisons in Azerbaijan” organized by the support of OSI office in Budapest, 2009;
 “Establishment of Service Center for Torture victims” with support of UNO Foundation of Voluntary Assistance for torture victims, 2010

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