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Shahla Ismayilova,


- 2005    John Smith Fellowship Program
    University of Edinburgh and University of Birmingham, UK
    Theme: Human Rights, Democracy and Good Governance 

- 1998–2000     Master Degree in English Language and Literature 
    Khazar University, Baku, Azerbaijan (honor diploma)

- 1994–1998     Bachelor’s Degree in English/Arabic languages 
    Khazar University, Baku, Azerbaijan (high honor diploma)

- 1994–1996     Medical Biology Faculty 
    Khazar University, Baku, Azerbaijan 

- 1985–1993    High School No145, Baku, Azerbaijan

- 1983–1985     High School No125, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

- September 2009 –      Human Rights House Azerbaijan (international branch of HRHF)
- Present    Lobbying advisor 
    Headquarters in Norway

- March 2007 –    “Women’s Solidarity” Network 
- Present    Coordinator 

- July 2002 –     Women’s Association for Rational Development (WARD)
- Present    Chairwoman

- March 2002 –     Global Fund for Women 
- Present    Official advisor for Azerbaijan 
    Headquarters in USA

- May 2006 –    Human Rights House Foundation (HRHF)
- September 2009     Attorney for Azerbaijan 
    Headquarters in Norway
- September 2005 –    Human Rights House Azerbaijan (international branch of HRHF)
- September 2009      Coordinator 
    Headquarters in Norway

- March 2007–    “Power Ladies” Affinity Group from Azerbaijan
- December 2008    Coordinator 
    European Feminists Forum (the Netherlands) 

- February 2007 –    OSCE Baku office 
- November 2007      Expert for data base on gender mainstreaming actors in Azerbaijan
- March 2005 –    Landmine Monitor, International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL)
- December 2005     Research specialist 
    Headquarters in Canada

- January 2000 –    Human Rights Resource Center
- March 2002     Deputy-chief 

- March 1999 –    Committee of Democracy and Human Rights (CDHR)    
- March 2006    Head of Department on Women’s Rights

- October 1998 –    Human Rights Resource Center
- January 2000     Translator/interpreter  


- March 2010     Regional Partner Consultation (as a partner)
    By DW EKD (Berlin, Germany) and EED (Bonn, Germany)
    Tbilisi, Georgia 

- October 2009     Training on “Gender Budgeting: Concepts and Tools” (as a participant)
    By International Training Center of ILO  
    Turin, Italy 

- May 2009     Training on “How to attract mass media to our work” (as a participant)
    By Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation 
    Stockholm, Sweden

- April 2009     Training on “UN Human Rights Mechanisms” (as a participant)
    By HRHF (Oslo, Norway) and ISHR (Geneva, Switzerland) 
    Baku, Azerbaijan 

- October 2008     Annual meeting of Human Rights House Network (as a contributor)
    By HRHF (Oslo, Norway)
    Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina 

- February 2008     Training on “EU Grant Making Procedures” (as a participant)
    By Europa House 
    Baku, Azerbaijan

- January 2008     Meeting of partners on “InterAction” Program  (as a partner and a participant)
    By British Council 
    Almaty, Kazakhstan

- October 2007     Training on “Do Not Harm” Approach (as a participant)
    By EED (Bonn, Germany)
    Tbilisi, Georgia

- June 2007     Training on “EU Policy and Funding” (as a participant)
    By EED (Bonn, Germany)
    Tbilisi, Georgia

- May 2007     Training on “Childbirth with Dignity” (as a partner and a co-organizer)
    By the Other Space Foundation (Poland) 
    Baku, Azerbaijan 

- March 2007     Annual meeting of Human Rights House Network (as a contributor) 
    By HRHF 
    Oslo, Norway

- August 2006     Training on “Women’ Role in Conflict Transformation” (as a key lecturer)
    By Centre for the Creative Development / University of Palermo
    Palermo, Italy

- July 2006    Study visit on “Childbirth Education” (as a partner of the joint project)
    By the Other Space Foundation (Poland)
    Warsaw, Poland

- June 2006    The First Forum of Grantees and Advisors of the Global Fund for 
    Women in South Caucasus (as a co-organizer and a partner)
    Tbilisi, Georgia

- February 2006    Training on “Website and Lobbying Mechanisms” (as a participant)
    By HRHF (Oslo, Norway)
    Moscow, Russia 

- October 2005     Training on “HIV/AIDS” (a keynote speaker on “Gender and HIV/AIDS)
    By EED (Bonn, Germany)
    Tbilisi, Georgia

- September 2005     Training on “Human Rights” (as a participant)
    By Ms.Hina Jilani, UN special representative on Human Rights 
    Baku, Azerbaijan 

- June 2005     Annual Meeting of Campaigners (as a research specialist)
    By ICBL 
    Geneva, Switzerland 

- April 2005    Training on “Conflict Transformation & Multicultural Youth Work” (as a participant)
    By European Youth Foundation, Council of Europe
    Strasbourg, France 

- April 2004 –     Professional Accounting Courses (as a participant)
- June 2004    By Educational Center “Progress, Training and Software”
    Baku, Azerbaijan 

- March 2003     Training on Conflict Resolution and Peace-Building (as a participant)
    By ISAR
    Baku, Azerbaijan
- March 2003     Seminar on the Development of Intersectional Partnership (as a participant)
    By ISAR
    Baku, Azerbaijan

- August 2002     Training on “European Human Rights Institutions” (as a participant)
    By Council of Europe
    Baku, Azerbaijan

- June 2002    Training on “Children’s Rights” (as a participant)
    Baku, Azerbaijan 


1998     Award on BEST RESULTS in Academic Contest on the History of USA
    “Day of America”, Khazar University
    Baku, Azerbaijan 

1996, 1997, 1998     3 (three annual) Dean’s Honor Lists for BEST examination results 
    Khazar University
    Baku, Azerbaijan 

1986, 1990, 1991     3 (three annual) honor lists for excellent study in High School No145


Author & director  of different projects and programs 
    (see the thematic expertise below) 

Author of numerous publications, articles, reports 
    (see the thematic expertise below) 

Lecturer/trainer both inside and outside Azerbaijan
   (see the thematic expertise below) 

Researcher on various thematic issues 
     (see the thematic expertise below) 

    › on elections in Azerbaijan: 
        – 2000, 2003 – with Human Rights Watch
        – 2005, 2008 – with Human Rights House Foundation 
    › on elections in Belorussia:
         – 2004 – with IDEE
    › on human rights situation in Azerbaijan 


Gender Equality
    › All thematic aspects and analysis 
Human Rights
    › Theory and practice
    › All thematic aspects of Women’s Rights 

Good Governance
    › Democracy and good governance 
    › Necessary components for democratic governance
    › US and European model elements vs. Azerbaijani history and reality

    › Theory and practice  
    › Monitoring 
    › Reporting 
Women’s Role
    › in development areas (all areas) 
    › National role models

Cross Cultural
    › Traditions and customs of Azerbaijan 

    › Gender aspects of Azerbaijani culture 
    › Etiquette and manners 
    › Stereotypes and prejudices 

Women’s Health
    › Reproductive health 
    › Childbirth education
    › Family planning 
    › HIV/AIDS 
    › Breast diseases (self-control) 

Maternity School
    › Models and structure 
    › Background and content
    › Management and resources 

NGO Capacity-Building
    › Establishment, structure, management
    › Resources, fundraising
    › Activities, tools and mechanisms 

    › Theory and practice
    › Models, potential, skills and capacity-building 

Conflict Transformation
    › Theory of conflict (types, forms, psychology of conflict)

Peace Building
    › Transformation (cycle, stages, results) 
    › Players (roles of different players)

Positive Thinking
    › Theory and practice
    › Miracle of human brain 
    › Laws of nature in common life 


Azerbaijani     native /excellent (oral, written)
English    excellent (oral, written)
Russian     excellent (oral, written)
Arabic     good (written)
Norwegian     in the process of studying

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