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Emin Huseynov

Rashid Behbudov str./ 8, aprt.  85/86, Baku, Azerbaijan

Tel: (+99 412) 418-0334

Faks: (+99 412) 598-4519


Work ExperienceMay 2006- present Inst. for Reporter Freedom and Safety Azerbaijan
Co-founder, Chairman
 Co-founded Inst. for Reporter Freedom and Safety (IRFS), a local watchdog NGO working in the media sector.
 Leads committee to defend the rights of imprisoned journalist Sakit Zahidov; conducted parallel investigation into Zahidov’s case, meets with government and NGO officials, carries out advocacy including appeals to local and international organs and interviews to the local and international media.
 Directs IRFS team in production of campaign and advocacy materials in two languages and creation of IRFS newsletter. 
 2005-present “MAGAM!” Youth Movement Baku, Azerbaijan

 Organized non-violent protests to advocate free and fair parliamentary elections
 Raised voter awareness, particularly among younger voters
 Featured in award-winning BBC documentary film “How to Plan a Revolution.”
 2002-2005 TURAN Information Agency Baku, Azerbaijan

Economics Correspondent/Photographer 
 Worked with a team of local journalists to publish online articles and news briefs about business, economics and politics for the premier news and information agency in Azerbaijan.
 Networked with business and insurance companies for story leads 
 Used the media to promote good business practices and transparency; for example uncovered the  money laundering scam between a state oil factory and an insurance company.

Education 1996-present Azerbaijan State Economics University Baku, Azerbaijan
 Economics and Insurance, Ph. D. Candidate, 2005-present
 Economics and Insurance, Aspirant, 2005
 Economics and Insurance, Masters Degree, 2002
 Economics and Insurance, Bachelors Degree, 2000

Fluent Russian and Azeri, Basic French and English

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